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A buyers’ guide featuring boots for backs, traditional forwards and everyone inbetween

Best Rugby Boots of 2021

Unlike in a sport like cycling or golf, there isn’t much equipment you need to play rugby. One thing you cannot scrimp on is a good pair of boots.

Gone are the days when your boots would be heavy by half-time and you could have any colour as long as it was black. Boot technology has made significant strides and it is probably time to trade in your old kicks for something more modern with our guide to the best rugby boots of 2020.

Looks are important but there is more to a modern pair of boots than just if they’ll stand out when you run onto the pitch on a Saturday. Most boots will be specified as either soft ground (SG) or firm ground (FG). Soft-ground boots are for the mid-season when the ground is muddy with little grip. They will have traditional studs; long, rounded, and metal. Firm-ground boots are for better surfaces where you can forgo long studs in favour of sleeker plastic pegs, shorter metal studs, or a combination of the two.

A lightweight boot will allow you to reach your top speed but it comes at the expense of protection from a stray stud. Forwards may prefer to carry a bit more weight to protect them in scrums and mauls whereas backs would be advised to head down the lightweight route to maximise their agility.

Below we run through the best rugby boots of 2021

Best Rugby Boots

Adidas Kakari Z.0 SG Boots


The Kakari Z.0 is classy and understated enough for even the most traditional of forwards. The bootie style fit is exceptionally comfortable but an inner support strap ensures that comfort doesn’t come at the expense of performance.

The split sole is ideal for the grunt work of the tight five. You can stay low and planted in the turf and still generate power thanks to the sole flexibility.

+ A boot for forwards that doesn’t come at the expense of speed.

+ Slipper like comfort means it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a high-performance boot.

At almost $123 (aud) this really is at the top end of boot prices.

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Canterbury Phoenix 3.0 Pro SG Boots – $147.25 AU


A do-it-all boot which looks as good as it feels. The Phoenix 3.0 is designed to be lightweight but without sacrificing durability or protection thanks to a TPU mesh skin. The foot is held in place by a neoprene tongue, which combines with internal straps to provide a comfortable but secure fit.

Finally, a mix of removable studs and molded elements gives you maximum grip in the winter and flexibility to put on some shorter studs for those spring and autumn days.

+ The classy black design is offset perfectly with some silver detail on the laces, a very good-looking boot.

+ A comfortable fit coupled with a durable upper means you will get plenty of game time out of these boots.

Designed for back-row players, these boots lack some protection for the front five and might not be agile enough for the backs.


Gilbert Kaizen 1.0 SG Boots – $89.99



Designed for speed and agility, these are perfect for fleet-footed outside backs. A knitted upper, brought over from football boots, hugs the foot without adding more than the bare essentials in weight. Perfect for some dazzling footwork and a sprint into the open field.

The offset laces mean that, even when your only option is to kick, you can do it with confidence thanks to an unbroken kicking zone.

+ Very lightweight but still offering a solid and secure fit.

+ A raised heel ensures you are always in the most powerful position when you need to surge by the last defender.

The knitted upper and lightweight construction means these are best avoided if you are wearing a number in single digits.


Adidas Kakari Elite SG Boots – $158.51



Some things can be found in all rugby clubs anywhere in the world. The first is at least one Welsh person and the second is a host of players wearing these boots.

The Kakari Elite is a boot for forwards which shuns the perceived wisdom that forwards only want to wear black boots. The upper provides protection from a misplaced size 12 but these are still lightweight despite that. An integrated cage system straps the foot firmly in meaning you can dance past the last man once you make the break.





Top Class Rugby Boot Reviews

Considering all these factors, rugby boots tend to run a little more expensive than most rugby footwear, so it’s important to make the best-educated choice before purchasing. The price tag can be a hassle for some people, however, you might find that you can just as easily get away with older models that provide good quality and performance without too much of a spend. Whichever of the boots from our top 10 list you choose, you can rest assured that you will be getting a high-quality pair of rugby boots that will keep you safe while allowing you to make the best of your playing abilities.


IN DEPTH REVIEW TOP Class Rugby Boots 

Canterbury Stampede 2.0 SG

Adidas Kakari Force SG

Adidas Malice Control SG

Mizuno Monarcida Neo Rugby SI

Canterbury Men’s Phoenix Raze SG Rugby Boot



There is nothing that can stand in the way of the Canterbury Stampede 2.0 rugby cleats. This design is built for power and explosiveness, and you will love its performance features. It is constructed on a PowerLast that has a wide fit in the forefoot for comfort and has that well-known Canterbury heel raise which reduces strain on your legs. Built for soft ground, the Stampede 2.0 comes with 8 studs with bonus TPU traction.

The upper of the Stampede 2.0 cleats is made from synthetic PU for durability, and the toe box of this option is reinforced for strength. The collar is padded with 10mm foam for added comfort, and the wide fit will be a welcome change to standard footwear of this kind. The heel raise is at 8mm, putting you in a power position on the field, and the additional TPU we mentioned in the studs is there for even more power than you can possibly imagine.

The Canterbury Stampede 2.0 rugby cleats are the one design that you shouldn’t mess with. If you’re the type of player who needs more from their boots, who likes to be strong and uncompromising on the field, then you need footwear to match, and the Stampede 2.0 is definitely it.




Right alongside Nike, there is Adidas, another powerhouse in the world of sports footwear. The Kakari Force SG rugby cleats is a design specifically created for tight five players on soft ground. It has a very precise configuration of studs, as well as a raised heel which helps you push forward. The lockdown on these rugby boots is amazing, and you can trust that its comfort levels will be up to par, as well. As the brand says, conquer the scrum in the Kakari Force!

The upper of this option is made from premium leather, and there is a synthetic lining as well as a sock-like design for security. The studs are positioned to provide you with customized traction on a soft ground outsole, and you would do well to tighten them correctly before the game. The heel raise is 10mm, to ensure the dynamic of your movements. Of course, to round up the design there is a lace-up system with which you can easily adjust the fit to your liking.

The Adidas Kakari Force SG is made according to all the standards set by World Rugby, and you can be sure that they are the best of the best currently on the market. Once you invest in these bad boys, you will not look back ever again. So what are you waiting for? Go get your new groundbreaking shoes!




The Adidas Malice Control rugby boots are designed to be the support a backline player needs. It is lightweight and breathable thanks to its synthetic mesh upper, and it has a hybrid combination of studs with molded placements in between. What sets apart the Malice from other designs of its kind is the fact that it has an asymmetrical lacing system which both looks cool and has a purpose in the game.

The Malice rugby cleats will keep your feet cool and sweat-free thanks to its porous mesh upper. The lacing closure we touched on is conceived in such a way that there is a large spot left on top of the boot so you can strike the ball without any problems. The hybrid studs mean that there are four low profile aluminum ones in the front, as well as two aluminum ones in the back. They’re divided by these placements that increase control as you run.

Overall, the Adidas Malice Control is one tough design meant for soft ground play. It offers you greater control of your movements, of the ball and consequently of the game itself, and if you are the type of player who is all about that precision and power dynamic, you will love every second you play in these sneakers!


Mizuno Monarcida Neo Rugby SI

41AwCotpPxL.01_SL500_-300x175.jpgThe Mizuno Monarcida Neo Rugby SI, Is a Unisex Kids Rugby boot, Black/Black, and this could be a limited model of the cleat, great for soccer and rugby alike. It boasts of a barefoot feel, keeping it soft and lightweight with kangaroo leather uppers. This particular model is made in Japan, so make sure to check sizes before you order. Its technical plate allows for flexibility, enhanced stability, and durability, and is particularly suited for firm ground fields. Weighing in at only 8.1oz, it’s sure to catch your eye for an assessment.

A graded Pebax sole plate rests at the base of the Mizuno Monarcida Neo Rugby SI cleats, which not only provides enhanced support and stability but allows for the flexibility needed by wingers for quick maneuvering and dodging tackles. The plate helps with quick sprints by providing a firm base to press against for explosive power and provides durability overall to the integrity of the cleat.

Designed for firm ground, 13 PU studs line the sole in specific positions to better help alleviate pressure points. Soft kangaroo leather creates the soft supple uppers of the Morelia II, giving it a great in-shoe feel, but also making it quick and functional in terms of ball handling. For soccer, this is ideal, but for rugby, kickers will appreciate the sense of touch more so than other positioned players. A tongue overlays lace-up closure so you won’t be catching your cleats in knots!

The Mizuno Monarcida Neo Rugby SI is designed for advanced players who enjoy a barefoot feel for grip and the soft touch feel of kangaroo leather uppers. Perfectly positioned cleats alleviate pressure points during play, and the Pebax sole plate gives the performance an upgrade in flexibility, durability, and stability. Well worth the investment if you’re a long time rugby specialist!


Canterbury Men’s Phoenix Raze SG Rugby Boot, 


When you’re on the pitch, you need a rugby boot that can adapt and the Canterbury Phoenix Raze SG is built for it.

Designed for forwards who enjoy an extra level of comfort and stability in their footwear these soft ground rugby boots in Canterbury’s classic black and red colours will keep your feet comfortable game after game Built for adaptability across the pitch these boots are for soft ground play on natural grass surfaces that are wet and muddy and require the most traction

These rugby boots are comfortable and supportive they have a durable PU upper and a heavily cushioned ankle collar offering a tight and snug fit for wider feet without being uncomfortable

They come with a 9mm heel-to-toe heel raise reduces strain to your lower limbs and helps to position your foot for maximum power and drive on the pitch Moulded studs plus 8 removable metal studs mean these boots provide grip even in the depths of Winter giving you the power and lightweight agility you need to reach the breakdown first

Designed with a durable PU upper and a heavily cushioned ankle collar for maximum wearer comfort, it’s engineered on Canterbury’s game-changing Power Last 1.1, which offers a more comfortable wider forefoot and a locked in toe box and collar.

An 9 mm heel raise reduces lower limb strain and promotes a power position, whilst a hybrid outsole with eight removable TPU studs gives you the traction you need when the going gets soft.

  • 8mm foam cushioning in collar for comfort
  • Wide-fitting forefoot shaping
  • Hybrid 8 plate outsole provides lightweight traction