Do we have the top 5 best low cost rugby boots

What are the best low cost rugby boots

Today, i we wil, take a look at  the top five best cheap versions of the high-end models, to help you guys save some money. While you still get fantastic, rugby boots so hit that subscribe button and let’s.

Do this. If you’ve been looking to buy new football boots, you’ve, probably already checked out the elite plus and point one boots. While they’re generally also the best football boots, they might also be out of a lot of people’s price range.

So, to help you out, i’ve, come to the right to dream park, to whip out some of the best cheap takedown models that you can buy currently here in 2020, because they might be a lot cheaper than the high-end models.

But you can still find some very, very good football boots in this category and, to be honest, i could live with playing a match in all of these. First up we have the new balance furon v6 destroy, which is the 135 euro version of the high-end 220 euro version furon v6 pro.

But the thing is that this thing is actually so good that i struggle a little bit believing it’s. Only 135 euros because, yes, you do still get the fit weave up or you have this knitted silicone coated upper, meaning that it’s.

Still very soft and pliable. Of course, you won’t, have the same amount of foam on the inside, making it a little less plush, but in the other hand it’s sharper and closer to the bowl. Of course, you also have to live with a slightly higher and bulkier heal pot, which makes it look, should we say less streamlined and low profile and, of course, also the furon v5 sole plate.

That’s less aggressive than the new one. But with that said, it’s, still very sleek, very speed boot like and the upper is so high quality that if you slapped it on another boot and told me it was a high-end model.

I probably believe you you can get this for 120 euros at right now, that’s, a steal, . Fourth, place goes out to the puma future 5.2, which, just like the furon destroy by the way, is a lot nicer than you’d.

Think because here you also get a soft plush, really pliable, knitted upper with, should we say a pretty good replica of the netfit system. It covers a smaller area, but it’s still there giving you by and large the same experience on the midfoot as you get in the higher end 5.

1 and okay. It’s, not as soft and pliable and foamy around your foot. As the 5.1, but as you can see it’s, it’s, soft and comfortable enough, and you still get that pillow like very elegant sensation. On the ball.

The outsole is the same, and while the collar here is made with a neoprene weave instead of evo knit, i don’t. Think too many people would really mind wearing this for currently 130 euros over the 200 euro 5.

Review our Best 10 rugby boots –

1. Personally, i’d, be totally cool with it. However, it actually manages to get even better still with the nike chamber. Legend 8, pro in third now, this fella is 130 euros, standard, which is 100 euros less than the legend 8 elite and truth be told.

I’d, actually be more or less as happy wearing the pro in a match, as i would with the elite and okay, you might get a calf leather upper instead of a kangaroo. Let the witch’s. Technically, i know not as nice, but the good thing is that it’s still as thin as on the elite, and, i would say soft enough and of course you also have to live with the fact that you get a standard synthetic tongue.

Instead of the knit tongue with the flyknit tunnel in the entire midfoot, and of course you also miss out on the quad fit mesh, but that, on the other side, also means that you get less layers of material between your foot and the ball.

Giving you a more traditional minimalistic no-nonsense leather feel than in the elite and for the 96 euros that we currently sell this for it’s, a very, very good deal. The legend gets outdone, however, by the adidas predator 20.

2, which is added as by far best 0.2 model in a long long time, because here you actually also get the demon skin, sl, rubber fin technology. And while you won’t get as many fins as on the higher end models.

It still allows you to experience that wild wild, really grippy sensation. When you strike the ball, the rest of the boot is also decent. You get a textile upper that’s relatively comfortable, a nice heel, it’s, low cut and you have laces.

So there’s, not much to complain about there and that’s great because it just gives you that no-nonsense, proper, predator feel for 140 euros or if you’re fast and you pull the trigger right now, you can Get it for 112 euros at unisportsstore.

com right now, and that’s, a win now. The best takedown model out there by far is the mizuno morelia neo2md, which is as good as any other top model from any brand out there. But that also means that it’s slightly more expensive than the other boots on the list, so i kind of ended up disqualifying it.


What i do want to mention to you guys, though, is the adidas nemesis 19.2, where you get a little bit of that tension, tape experience up top you get a relatively soft and low pointed toe box and a good experience overall and then finally, you have this Absolute bargain monster the puma king pro, where you get a soft half leather, full foot and the same neopre weave like tongue, as we saw on the puma future 5.

2 and it’s. A great alternative to the puma king platinum, because this is just a hundred euros or cheaper. So if low price and leather is your kind of jam, this is definitely j mic approved, but disregarding the mizuno morally neo2md it doesn’t, get much better than this.

In my book, the nike mercure vapor 13 pro, which sits at 130 euros or less, which is a 410 euros cheaper than the high end vapor 13 elite and okay, you don’t, get the flyknit material, which is instead a circle in it.

That’s a little bit cheaper, not as nice of course, and that also means that you miss out on the high tenacity, yarns and thus the top dollar boss lockdown. But with that said it’s, still relatively soft around your foot.

It’s. Super thin gives you a very sharp sensation on the ball and offers you a decent texture as well and overall, it feels a lot like the high-end model. To be honest, i’d, be more or less just as happy wearing this, as i would be wearing the vapour 12 elites for 130 euros or less, where you get the same shape and stud layout as on the vapor 13 elite.

Nike is simply just treating us to some very, very special value for money here, so there you have to my friends, five well, actually, seven cheap takedown boots that offer you fantastic value for money and are really worth a look if the top-end models, which are obviously A little bit better are too expensive for you, but irregardless, which boots are you going to go for when the season is finally back, and you can play football again well, as always hit me up in the comments right down below and then go choose from all The different models i mentioned in the video by clicking the link to unisportstor.

com right over there, also, of course, don’t forget to subscribe with the notifications on before you go and then go check out more wicked top fives in the playlist in the Bottom of the screen, and with that said guys, i’m signing off at cheerio.

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